Why every faucet player join Cointiply? check review of Cointiply.com

Review of Cointiply

Rating: 5,00

Country: USA 

Operator: Unknown

Language: English

Start: 2017

Total Payouts: 16

Ref-Commision: 1 Level (25%)

Claim Time (in min): between 1 and 12 hours

Earnings: High

Captcha: Yes

Payout: automatically

Payout-Limit: 0,0001 BTC

Currencies: Bitcoin,  Doge


Why you must join Cointiply? 

Cointiply.com was built since 2017 and it has changed more over the time. When the first it started, it included a really complex the mining game. They were really generous with the amount of Coins they gave to their users and Cointiply.com lost a lot of money. They learnt from the mistakes and completely removed the mining game and added other stuff like offer walls. 

The admins of Cointiply are very interested in keeping it up. They have removed their site from the internet, but they decided to take the loses and make the best out of it. That's a rare thing in the world of faucets and it shows the dedication of the admin. It also proves, that Cointiply is a legitimate business and they will pay members.

How can Earn BTC /DOGE from Cointiply?

1. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Roll the faucet 

- Every account is allowed 2 faucet roll perday by solving the captcha
- Prime numbers pay an extra 17 Coins.

2. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by View the PTC Ads
- 91 Coins Available to Earn per day
- You can get Coins by View 5 - 12 Seconds ads

3. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Playing the Multiplier

- Put your bet at lest 10 coin
- Next Multiplier 1/2x - 10x
- You get coin after you click the round
- Clik END ROUND to finished Playing

3. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Playing the games

- Click the "Start Playing & Earning Button", which will launch a game window within this page.
- Select a game to start playing and play the game as you normally would. Make sure you do not have an ad blocker active.
- If your activity bar gets stuck, please do not open a support ticket, try switching games and playing a new game for a few minutes.
- Every time your activity bar fills up, Coins will be credited to your account.
- 10 Coins Will Be Awarded Every Time Your Activity Bar Fills Up
Important: Attempts to abuse Cointiply Games may result in account termination.

4. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Referral Users

Referral Payouts:
The Referral commissions are paid once perday, shortly after midnight. See how much you heve earned each day in your account.You also track your referral earnings in the real time on your reff page.

The Rule of Referral Users

You can Refer users to Cointiply using the custom referral link. They track and attribute to you if they sign up any time within 30 days.
You'll earn 25% of every referrals faucet claims.
You'll earn 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings.
No limit to the number of referrals you can send.
Referrals on the same device or in the same household are NOT allowed and will not be counted as referrals.

IMPORTANT: It will be Invalid or WILL NOT be counted If fake/duplicate referrals.  Your account may be terminated and all Coins forfeited if you are found to be sending invalid referrals. We have automated measures to detect and prevent invalid referrals. 

5. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Survey And Offer - Offer Walls

- You view offer wall and earn coin
- You can also view popular offer wals
- Complete the viewing 

Note: If you are caught using a VPN, proxy or other means of abusing the offer walls your account may be terminated without notice

6. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Compliting some surveys

Survey are the best way to earn ton of Coin. Keep in mind you willn't qualify for every survey. We recommend member to take screenshots of all completions in the case you need them.You can view survey to earn coin

7. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by Installing some Mobile Aplication and sign up 

Installs the application to earn some of Coinage, the higher paying offers can take some time to complete. Ask in by chatting for the tips on how to quickly complete the game offers. It is recommend you check multiple offer walls for the top paying offer.

8. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by By watching some videos

The Video is not available in all Countries. If video is available to you, they are one of the great ways to earn the passive Coins. Please make sure you to follow the rules of video service or you being banned!!!

9. Earn Bitcoin/Doge by By Special offer and Promotion

We also provide you Special offers / exclusive campaigns here. Or, who knows, maybe you will be lucky & find surprise promo code. Check back often!

Payment Proof of Cointiply

You can check payment proof by other member who has join before, You can check it out their comment at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/cointiply.com

Pro & Contra for Cointiply
We have tell more about Cointiply above, we tell also pro and contra of Cointiply. now please do not wait and watch again, register soon by the link